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We want our care leavers to be active members of society and to have all the chances in life that other young adults have. 

We want you to achieve your full potential and feel valued. We will support you to take up opportunities and make the most of the advice, information and support available. 

We can help you with courses that teach you about independent living, which can be accessed through your Personal Adviser. 

To help you participate in society, we can: 

  • give you information about groups and clubs you can join, including our care leavers’ forum
  • invite you on trips to the theatre, sporting events and other activities
  • give you opportunities to work for us
  • tell you about awards, schemes and competitions you can enter that reflect your talents and interests
  • tell you about voluntary work opportunities. You can contact Redbridge CVS for more information on how to become a volunteer and to book an appointment with one of their advisers
  • help you challenge any discrimination you face as a care leaver
  • support you to join and actively participate in the Children in Care Council (up to 18) and the Don’t Whisper Group (18-25)
  • hear your voice through the Don’t Whisper Senior Children in Care Council at the Corporate Parenting Board, where senior leaders can hear feedback about the service directly from our care leavers and children looked after, as well as in the development of services that affect you
  • recognise and celebrate your achievements in care leavers’ celebration events

If you want to be involved in the Children in Care Council or the Don’t Whisper group, you can contact Chi Doan, the Children's Participation Officer: 

We know that some of our care leavers live outside the borough and will therefore need additional help in finding resources local to them. 

This local offer webpage may not include all the support available to you. If you have complex additional needs, you may be entitled to an assessment under the Care Act 2014. 

To get more information about this, or if you’re not sure what level of support you are entitled to, contact your personal advisor who will be able to help. 

LGBTQ+ support 

There is support, advice and guidance for you around exploring your identity, coming out and family relationships. 

Linking up with other LGBTQ+ individuals in the local community can help you feel included, respected, and comfortable.  

You can find support through

What if I'm unhappy with the support I'm receiving? 

Sometimes we may not be able to provide you with the support you feel you need, or we may not agree to provide you with a particular piece of funding or service you have requested. There may be a number of reasons for this so it is important you understand the reasons for you not getting the support you feel you need. 

Your Personal Advisor should: 

  • Record any decision not to provide you with a service or funding and the reasons why; 
  • Tell you about the reasons for this decision (and give you details of the complaints and appeals process if you would like this) 

If you’re unhappy about a decision, you need to try to talk to one of the Leaving Care managers as they may be able to help you understand more about why this decision has been made or why the support is not available.  

Redbridge Council is committed to resolving complaints fairly, reasonably, quickly and where possible informally. Find out more about the Redbridge complaints procedure