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Home security

By taking simple steps you can help protect your property and make it look less attractive to opportunist thieves. 

Secure your home 

  • Use an alarm - most burglars will shy away from trying to enter a house that has an alarm installed 
  • Keep keys hidden - keys should never be left lying around for anybody to pick up. Don't leave them on hooks, in window locks or on a hallway table near a door or letterbox 
  • Mark your property - the simplest and cheapest method is to use an ultra-violet pen to write your postcode and house number or the first two letters of the house name 
  • Lighting - time switches can be fitted to operate radios and lights when you are out to make you look like you are in 
  • Secure your property - ensure your home is secure at all times of the day and night. Keep your doors and windows locked 

Garden security 

Remember just because it's a garden doesn't mean that it doesn't need protecting. 

  • Secure- your property with a fence or wall at least 1.8 metres tall. Prickly bushes and dense plants offer an alternative to walls or fences 
  • Tools- never leave tools lying around the garden or leave your shed unlocked. Keep what tools you are using with you and put them away when you have finished with them 
  • Lock- external buildings such as sheds and garages should have good quality padlocks 
  • Lighting- install lights operated by a dusk to dawn sensor to the side and rear of the house and incorporate low energy bulbs to make it low cost and energy efficient 

Bogus callers 

Burglars sometimes use false pretences to gain entry to your property. These are known as 'bogus callers'.  

Bogus callers and rogue traders 

Advice and support 

The Redbridge Handyperson Scheme carries out odd jobs around the home for vulnerable residents. This includes fitting locks and security chains and key safes. To access the scheme, call 020 8520 4554 or email handyperson@theheetproject.org.uk. 

The Metropolitan Police has advice to keep your home safe from burglary.   

If you have information about anti-social behaviour in Redbridge, please notify Redbridge through the online form. 

If you have been a victim of crime, call Victim Support on 08 08 16 89 111.