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Young carers

Looking after someone in your family can be rewarding, but it can also be difficult, and be especially hard for young people. 

It may make things more difficult at school or college, you may not have time to go out with your friends, do homework, or do things you would like to do. 

If you are a young carer then there is help, advice and information available to you. 

Who is a young carer? 

A young carer is someone who gives regular care to a parent, sibling or family member who has a disability, long-term illness, mental health problem or has become frail with old age.  

Caring can involve practical and personal tasks such as: 

  • shopping 
  • cooking 
  • washing 
  • dressing 
  • helping someone get around 
  • providing emotional support 

Who can help? 

Redbridge Carers Support Service 

Redbridge Carers Support Service have a special team that support young carers between the ages of 16 to 30. This includes individual support, support groups, social activities and training.  

Redbridge Youth Service 

Redbridge Youth Workers can offer support and advice. We run a variety of sessions throughout the year for young people aged 11 to 18 or 11 to 24 with a learning difficulty or disability. You can email the team at 

Find out about our youth services

Redbridge Connexions 

Redbridge Connexion Advisers are there to help you with education, employment and training needs.  

Redbridge Connexions Advisers and the Youth Service team work for the Redbridge Education department and work alongside other Redbridge staff, such as social workers and schools. They also work alongside staff from organisations such as Barnardo’s, to make sure you get the best support you need.  

Request a young carer’s assessment  

All young carers are eligible for a carer's assessment. This is a way of understanding how we could help you or put you in touch with organisations that can offer the support you need. 

Request a carer’s assessment

Concerned about a young person? 

If you're concerned about someone under 18 who is providing care for someone, complete our contact form.