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Assessing your care needs

If you or someone you care for is finding it difficult to cope with everyday tasks you can request an assessment from Redbridge Adults Social Services.   

What is an assessment? 

A social care assessment is simply us talking to you and any other people involved in your care and support so we can understand what help you might need on a day to day basis in line with the Care Act 2014.  

You have a legal right to have an assessment from the council if it appears that you need care and support. 

Assessment process 

During the assessment, we will consider a number of factors such as your needs, strengths and what you want to achieve (your outcomes). We will consider how they impact on your wellbeing and what is important to you. 

You will be at the centre of the process and we will gain a full picture of your wishes and needs.  

You may want someone, such as a family member or a friend to be with you during the assessment.  

The assessment is carried out free of charge. 

Confidentiality concerns 

We will treat the information you give us during your assessment as confidential. Only staff who are involved in providing the services you need will have any information about you.  

We will share information with other services if you give your consent and if this can help in providing support for you. 

In exceptional circumstances we may be required to share information you have given us, for example if we believe someone's safety is at risk or the law requires it. 

After assessments are carried out 

We will use your assessment to help us decide whether we can offer you help and the amount and type of support you need. We make this decision based on the national eligibility criteria. 

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If you are eligible for support 

We will work with you to arrange a support plan. 

You will have a financial assessment. This will determine whether the council is able to pay for some or all of your care and support services or whether you need to contribute towards these costs. 

You will also receive information on where you can get independent financial advice and how to ensure that you are receiving all the benefits that you are entitled to. 

If you're not eligible for support 

If you are not eligible for help from the council, we will provide advice and information and signpost you to organisations and other types of support that may be able to help you. 

Paying for care services 

Social care services, unlike health care, are not free for everyone. Most people will have to contribute something towards the cost of their care with some people having to pay the full cost. 

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How do I get an assessment? 

You will need to request an assessment from Redbridge Adult Social Services. 

Request an assessment or call 0208 708 7333