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Who can get help from us?

This information will help you understand who can receive care services from Redbridge Council. 

What are the eligibility criteria? 

Eligibility criteria are rules to ensure Redbridge Council provide services fairly to support those people whose needs most seriously affect their independence. 

There is a national eligibility criteria that all councils need to consider when assessing what help can be given. Redbridge Council uses this criteria. 

Who does the criteria apply to? 

The eligibility criteria applies to all adults aged 18 years and over looking for help from social services. This includes help and support for carers. 

Who will receive a service? 

Before services can be arranged for you, you will need to have an assessment of need. This assessment will identify what your needs are, what problems you are facing and how you can be helped. 

If your needs meet the eligibility criteria, then you will receive care and support from the council.  

You will then be assessed to find out how much the council will pay and how much you will need to contribute. This is called a financial assessment. 

If you do not meet the eligibility criteria, the council will still provide you with information and advice to support your wellbeing and help you remain independent. 

How do I get an assessment? 

You will need to request an assessment from Redbridge Adult Social Services. 

Request an assessment   

What happens if my circumstances change? 

The assessment is based on your situation at that current time. If your circumstances change you can ask the council to reassess your needs.