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Extra care housing

Extra care housing allows older people who need the reassurance of 24-hour care and support to continue to live independently in their own home for as long as possible. 

Facilities in extra care housing 

Extra care housing provides a range of self-contained flats or bungalows with access to communal areas and social activities. 

It gives you the security and privacy of having your own front door, but with services being available to support your needs if you want them. 

Staff are available to support with identified care needs or housing matters and are available to respond to any emergencies. 

Extra care housing is also likely to include: 

  • lifts and handrails throughout the communal spaces 
  • community alarm service and assistive technology 
  • lounges, restaurants and cafe 
  • activity room or computer area 
  • hairdresser or wellbeing room 
  • launderette 
  • mobility scooter store 
  • assisted bathroom 
  • guest facilities 
  • day services 
  • landscaped gardens 
  • parking 

Care and support 

Care and support is on site and may be available up to 24 hours a day depending on the needs of residents. Staff are always around in case of emergencies. 

The care is flexible and can fit around your personal needs and can support people with dementia. Although carers are on site, they will only visit you if this is arranged in advance or if you need them in an emergency. 

Community nurses will visit you in extra care housing if you need them. 

If you need specialist nursing care or have a high level of care you may need to look at other options such as a  care home. 

Locations in Redbridge 

There are three extra care schemes in Redbridge for those who are eligible for support from the council. 

There are other extra care housing schemes available throughout the borough for those individuals funding it themselves and those who may not be eligible for support.   

How to apply 

If you think that you need extra care housing, then an assessment will need to be carried out to see if you are eligible for care and support from the council. 

Request an assessment

If you do not wish to apply for an extra care housing scheme owned by Redbridge Adult Social Services, then you can apply directly to a housing scheme. Each scheme will have their own application process. 

Cost of extra care 

If you are eligible for support from Redbridge Adult Social Services, then the cost of extra care housing will depend on your personal circumstance.  

You will have a financial assessment to decide whether the council is able to pay for some or all of your care and support services or whether you need to contribute towards these costs. 

The cost of extra care accommodation will vary. You can get an idea of the cost by contacting the extra care housing scheme directly. 

Support and advice 

Elderly Accommodation Counsel is a national charity website that helps older people make informed choices about meeting their housing and care needs.  

You can call their FirstStop Advice Line for independent free information and advice on housing and care services on 0800 377 7070.