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Lifeline, monitors and alarms

There are lots of ways that technology can help you at home if you need to call for help in an emergency. You could have this placed around your home, or just wear a simple alarm button around your neck or wrist. 

Lifeline (community alarm) 

A lifeline, also known as a community alarm, is an emergency response system that you can use to call for help. 

You will be provided with an alarm which is programmed to your home telephone, and a pendant which can be worn on the wrist or around the neck. When this is pressed, staff at the Redbridge Control Centre will be alerted to the fact that you need help and will act appropriately. 

Support is provided 24 hours a day and can include text messaging for those who are deaf or hearing impaired. 

To be eligible for the Redbridge Lifeline Service you must be: 

  • a resident in the borough  
  • have a landline telephone 

You will ideally need two people who will be 'key holders' who can get to your address quickly to ensure the appropriate assistance can secure entry to your home. This may arrive in the form of the London Ambulance Service, Lifeline’s own Visiting Response Team, or an able family member, friend, or neighbour. Alternatively, a key safe will be required. This can be provided by you or can be purchased and fitted by our Lifeline engineer.    

How to apply  


Telecare is extra equipment that works with your Lifeline and automatically raises the alarm to the monitoring centre.  

There are different types of telecare available: 

  • bed and chair sensors 
  • falls detector  
  • motion and door sensors  
  • Smoke and carbon monoxide gas detectors  
  • Flood detectors  
  • Heat/temperature sensors 

You can find examples of the equipment by visiting the  Living Made Easy website.  

Lifeline cost  

The cost of the Lifeline monitoring service is £4.50 per week. This is a Digital Sim card enabled alarm unit that does not require a landline to operate. There is an installation charge of £19.99. and a one-off payment of £19.99 installation charge is applicable.  

You have the option to pay this in instalments.

A key safe can be installed upon request at the cost of £110.45.

If you cannot afford to pay £4.50 per week, you will need to complete a financial assessment to see whether you are eligible to receive the lifeline service for free.  

Request an assessment

Buying telecare privately 

You can also get telecare from other providers. This means you have a choice of which telecare provider you go with, what type of package you have and how much you pay. 

Look on service directory to find what telecare providers are available in Redbridge.