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Priority services register

Friday 17 February 2023

From keeping the water running for drinking and washing hands, to charging medical equipment or mobility scooters, to staying warm, it is vital to keep utilities going in the event of a problem with your electricity or water supply.

The Priority Services Register can help you do this. If you or someone you know is vulnerable, requires additional assistance, or has additional communication needs, you can sign up to the Priority Services Register by contacting your utility providers. It is free and can help you or a loved one to stay safe, warm and independent in their own home.

As well as help in an emergency, there are other benefits to being on a Priority Services Register including advance notice of planned power cuts or interruptions to water supply, help with accessing prepayment meters, receiving bills in an alternative format and more. 

You are eligible if you:

  • have reached your state pension age
  • are disabled or have a long-term medical condition
  • are recovering from an injury
  • have a hearing or sight condition
  • have a mental health condition
  • are pregnant or have young children
  • have extra communication needs (such as if you don’t speak or read English well)
  • need to use medical equipment that requires a power supply
  • have poor or no sense of smell
  • would struggle to answer the door or get help in an emergency.

You might still be able to register for other reasons if your situation isn’t listed. For example, if you need short-term support after a stay in hospital.

How to register

Each supplier and network operator maintains its own register.

For water, visit Thames Water online to register at Thames Water Extra Care or telephone 0800 0093652 (select option 3) or email

For electricity or gas, either ask your supplier (the company that send you your bill) to pass your details on to your network operator, especially if you are dependent on your supply for medical reasons or if you have children under five years old.

You can find the company that supplies energy in your area by visiting ofgem - Who is my gas or electricity supplier?. Once you know your electricity or gas network, you can fill in the form on their website to apply for priority services.