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Report adult abuse

Tell us if you are worried about abuse suffered by yourself or someone else, or you’re worried that someone is at risk of abuse. 

What is abuse? 

Abuse is something done to another person that harms, hurts, exploits them or makes them feel frightened or unhappy in some way. This can be: 

  • Physical - hitting, pushing, pinching or shaking, over-medicating 
  • Domestic violence -psychological, physical, sexual, financial, emotional, 'honour' based violence 
  • Sexual - rape and sexual assault that a person does not want or understand 
  • Psychological - shouting, swearing or threats 
  • Financial - theft, fraud, internet scamming 
  • Modern slavery - slavery, human trafficking, forced labour 
  • Discriminatory - racist, sexist abuse or abuse based on a person's age, disability, gender, religion 
  • Organisational - neglect and poor care within an institution or care setting 
  • Neglect and acts of omission - not providing food, drink, or medical care 
  • Self-neglect - neglecting to care for one's personal hygiene, health or surroundings 

Abuse can happen to anyone.  

Anyone can abuse someone. This could be someone that a person knows or a stranger. It can be one person or a group of people. 

Where does abuse happen 

Abuse can happen anywhere: 

  • in someone's own home 
  • at work 
  • at a day centre 
  • at college 
  • in hospital 
  • in residential care or nursing homes 
  • at a club or social event 

No matter where you are, you shouldn't suffer abuse. If you or someone you know is being abused, there are people you can talk to about it.  

Reporting abuse 

If you are at immediate risk of harm contact the emergency services by ringing 999, or if it is not an emergency, call 101. 

If you are worried about yourself or someone else, please do not ignore it and get help. Report concerns to Redbridge Adult Social Services on: 

  • 020 8708 7333 (Monday to Friday 9.00am to 5.00pm) or  
  • 0208 553 5825 outside of these hours 

If you have a hearing or speech impairment you can use the national telephone relay service, just dial 18001 before the number or 18000 in an emergency. 

If you feel unable to give information about yourself, you can report abuse anonymously. All calls will be treated with respect and in confidence. 

Safeguarding adult referrals can be made by completing the Redbridge safeguarding adults referral form

Domestic abuse 

Help is available if you are experiencing domestic abuse. There are local and national organisations that can provide you with advice and support. 

Phone 999 if you are in immediate danger or ask someone else to phone.