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Take a break from caring

Being a carer can be physically and emotionally challenging, and it's important you have the opportunity to take a break from your caring role. 

There are lots of ways you can take what we call a 'short break' from caring. This could be for a few hours, overnight, a weekend or longer. The person you care for will be looked after in a supportive, safe environment while you take some time for yourself. 

There are different kinds of short breaks available, depending on the sort of needs the person you are caring for has. 

Help from your family and friends 

Many carers find that a friend or family member may be able to provide care or support for a few hours or more so that they can take a break. If you have no one who can do this, you may still be able to take a break in other ways. 

Respite care 

A short stay away from home for the person you care for can provide a much needed break to you (the carer). 

A short break in a residential or nursing care home, sometimes known as respite care can often be arranged on a temporary basis. Respite care can provide a welcomed change for the person you care for. 

If the person you care for is eligible for and receiving adult social care support, the respite care will be free of charge to you. These breaks will only be provided by the council after you have had a carer's assessment. 

The carer’s assessment will help work out how much support you need to continue your caring role and how you can maintain your health and wellbeing, including having a life of your own, outside of your caring responsibilities. 

Redbridge Carers Support Service 

Redbridge Carers Support Service provides support to informal carers. They hold community drop-in sessions and self-help groups where carers can meet each other, offer free complimentary therapies for carers, and organise regular activities as well as events and social opportunities. 

Tu Vida (formally Carers Trust) 

Tu Vida offers a respite service to people at home or out in the community. It enables unpaid carers to have time away from their caring role, secure in the knowledge that the person they look after is happy, safe and supported. 

Redbridge Respite Care Association  

Redbridge Respite Care Association provides support to people with a mental ill health and their carers. They provide a day care service for people living with dementia providing activities and outings.  

For more information call 020 8599 0151. 

Day services 

A day service for the person you care for can be good for both of you. While you get a break, they can meet new people, take part in activities and learn new skills. 

Day centres and lunch club section

Leisure and social activities 

Find out more about leisure and social activities in Redbridge and accessible transport. 

Getting out and about section

Get a carer’s assessment 

If you need regular or long-term breaks from caring, you can request a carer’s assessment.  We will have a chat with you to understand your day to day life as a carer and we will work out what we can do to help you. 

Request a carer’s assessment