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Work and training

If you are caring for someone and want to combine paid work with your caring responsibilities, you can get local help and advice.   

Carers right at work 

If you are in full or part time employment and your employer is aware of your caring role, then they will be able to put systems in place to help you.  

Ask your employer about policies on: 

  • flexible working 
  • time off in emergencies 
  • reduced workloads 
  • career breaks 

There is information on rights for carers in the workplace on Carers UK website 

Returning to work 

If you have had to give up work because of your caring role, or perhaps you were not able to work at all in the past, you may wish to return to the workplace - either full or part time. 

It can feel daunting, particularly if you have had a very long break from employment or have never had the chance. Caring involves a whole range of skills that employers find valuable in all kinds of jobs, for example: 

  • being resourceful 
  • time management 
  • managing difficult behaviour 
  • negotiation skills (dealing with medical professionals for instance) 
  • a range of specific skills, for example moving and handling, managing medication, nutrition, first aid and other skills 

Think about how your caring role and your other experience could be applied in the job market. 

Jobcentre Plus can help you in looking at training or work opportunities. Jobcentre Plus in Redbridge is at Seven Kings and you can contact them on 0800 169 0190. 

Work Redbridge can also provide information on how to access employment, training and volunteering in Redbridge. It can help with writing CVs and covering letters, preparing for an interview and getting job market information. 

Carers Trust has information and ideas to help with the balance between being employed and caring. 

Building skills and confidence 

If you are worried about returning to work or feel you don't have enough skills, there are ways of increasing your confidence. You could go for some training, education or undertake some volunteer work to get experience. 

Redbridge Carers Support Service offers a wide range of learning opportunities through training courses and workshops such as budgeting and health and wellbeing. 

Redbridge Institute of Adult Education is an adult education service for Redbridge and offers a range of learning opportunities for you to develop your knowledge and skills and enhance your professional and personal lives. 

New City College can provide longer courses including those with qualifications.  

Your needs 

If your own needs have changed, you can request a review of your carer’s assessment. If you have not had a carer’s assessment, you can request one from us. 

More about carer's assessment</s

Get advice about your entitlements to benefits 

If you return to work and are continuing to care, you may still be entitled to some benefits. This will depend on your earnings and you may be entitled to help to get started in work.  

More about financial support and benefits